Remo PP0310PS Pinstripe Powerstroke 3 ドラムヘッド Prepack 2 数量限定セール

【商品名】Remo PP0310PS Pinstripe Powerstroke 3 ドラムヘッド Prepack 2【カテゴリー】楽器:ドラム·パーカッション:ドラム·パーカッションアクセサリ

Remo PP0310PS Pinstripe Powerstroke 3 ドラムヘッド Prepack 2



Remo PP0310PS Pinstripe Powerstroke 3 ドラムヘッド Prepack 2 打楽器 ドラム パーカッション

Two-ply heads sound great, are durable and easy to tune
These heads are internally muffled to dampen both high overtones and overall resonance.
The result is a much focused, low pitched sound with moderate attack and response characteristics that are ideal for creating a deeper, fatter, controlled drum sound in a variety of studio and live drumming situations
A unique sound-enhancing underlay zero ring retains the tonal clarity of traditional Ambassador sound, but with unparalleled resonance control
This set includes 10", 12", 14" Pinstripe, and 14" Coated Powerstroke 3 drumheads

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